Digital Forensics

Digital Investigations 

Computer Forensics

In today’s world, there is an increasing amount of data stored on physical media storage. We use a strict methodological approach to recover data from various sources, such as; desktop computers, laptops, hard drives, and other digital media. With current, industry leading software, we have the ability to recover and examine deleted data from each of these sources. Whether the need is for a criminal investigation or a wide variety of civil circumstances, a proper acquisition and examination is absolutely
necessary for an effective case.

Mobile Device Forensics

Cellular phones can be an imperative investigation tool these days. We use our mobile devices to work, play, connect and live our lives. For this reason, our cell phones contain infinite amounts of data which can be very helpful in civil, criminal and claims investigations. Here at IFIC, we utilize one of the global leaders in forensic tools in our mobile device extractions. We are able to image content in conversations, timelines of activity, GPS information, application information and so much more.necessary for an effective case.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Digital evidence can play a key role in the investigation into a civil, criminal or claims investigation. IFIC is here to help you gather this evidence and present you with the facts that are uncovered. Utilizing our preferred forensic tools, IFIC is able to gather large amounts of data from digital devices, including:

  • SMS; MMS Messages
  • Call history
  • Emails
  • Photos & Videos
  • GPS data
  • Application Information
  • Search & Web History
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Cellular Technology and Mapping  

IFIC’s digital forensic experts are certified in mapping cellular tower/GPS data, which allows the ability to see where a subject mobile device has traveled and in what timeframe. The provided Call Data Records (CDR’s) from cellular providers include detailed data providing exact timing, location of towers
utilized and at what degree the device connected to said tower. This information can be key in establishing whereabouts in a number of various cases and claims. IFIC can assist in providing language and assisting with securing this information from cellular companies.


Digital investigations can be of assistance in many types of cases, such as:

  • Fire Investigations
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Divorce & Child custody matters 
  • Insurance Claims
  • Accident Investigations
  • Personal Injury investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Corporate, civil and criminal matters