“Experts in the fields of fire investigation, forensic engineering, subrogation, investigation of insurance claims and liability exposures.”
The professional staff at IFIC provide a variety of services to meet your investigation needs. All areas of service are focused and coordinated to determine the cause of loss.
Interviews, recorded statements, and meetings. Public record searches and financial history. Employment verification. Video taping of testing, examinations and inspections. Documentation of personal contents, fraudulent claims.
Presentations regarding all aspects of fire investigation, forensic engineering, subrogation for your group or organization. Live demonstrations to reinforce concepts.
Electrical Engineering

Inspect equipment suspected of lightning or power surge damage. Analyze electrical wiring in commercial, industrial, and residential property. Analyze vehicles and appliances. Document and preserve evidence of electrical faulting and failure. Identify damage resulting from fire exposure versus causing the fire. Investigate failures or malfunctions of safety devices in the workplace, retail environment and home. Shock and electrocution cause determination.

.electrical engineering 1 electrical engineering 2

Document debris fields, interview witnesses, and locate seat/source of explosion. Testing of flammable gas/liquid lines and appliances for leaks or malfunctions. Analyze electrical equipment to determine likely causes of failure. Dust and grain environments.
Fire Investigation

Fire scene processing and analysis of burn patterns to identify area of origin. Interviews of eyewitnesses, fire service personnel, and other involved parties. Identification of potential fire causes, responsible parties and safety issues. Conduct and manage large or small scale investigations to preserve evidence and subrogation rights. Collect samples from the fire scene for identification of gasoline or other ignitable fuels present.

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Mechanical Engineering

Examine and determine the cause of failure for numerous investigations including: LP/natural gas systems and appliances; water and plumbing failures; fireplace and flue installations; and general equipment failures (industrial, agricultural, commercial). Evaluation of HVAC equipment for carbon monoxide exposures, equipment and operation problems, and control system issues.

mechanical engineering 1 mechanical engineering 2
Property Damage
Document and preserve evidence to support/disprove claims of damage due to lightning, water leaks, corrosion, freeze/thaw cycles. Determine cause of damages and liability.
Digital Forensics

Investigation into digital devices such mobile phones and computers; including full analysis of the imaged data. Reading CDR records to determine locations of digital devices, explaining and mapping the data. Read more here. 


3D modeling allowing documentation of scenes in their entirety and the ability to visually walk through any loss location