Crash Team Benefits

“Experts in the fields of fire investigation, forensic engineering, subrogation, investigation of insurance claims and liability exposures.”

Benefits of IFIC Investigating Your Accident

  • Preserve perishable vehicle and scene evidence for future litigation
  • Decrease insurance fraud and buildup
  • Explore subrogation potential
  • Protect Assets
  • Obtain a complete picture of evidence
  • Evaluate liability exposure
  • Utilize numerous engineering support disciplines on staff
  • Acquire expert witness
  • Develop affordable scene animations

IFIC Crash Team

Todd Hall

Technical Accident Reconstructionist
Todd has experience in civil and criminal accident cases, representing both plaintiff and defendant sides. (Read More)

Dennis McMahon

Technical Accident Reconstructionist
Dennis has investigated hundreds of accidents over 20 years both criminal and civil including plaintiff and defendant sides. (Read More)

Accident Investigations

Investigating to Determine

  • Vehicle speed and dynamics before, during, and after impact
  • Roadway conditions at time of accident
  • Human factors, or behavior, involved
  • Weather conditions
  • Lighting conditions at time of accident
  • Signage as it relates to accident
  • Evaluation of injuries claimed vs. sustained
  • Time Distance analysis
  • “Black Box” imaging and interpretation

Initial Steps

IFIC’s Crash Team typically begins with a review of police reports, witness statements, and depositions.
Our team will conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection that includes:

  • Photopgraph interior and exterior of vehicle
  • Imaging of the EDR or “Black Box”
  • Inspect for paint transfer
  • Crush-measured and photographed for potential energy calculations
  • Lamp examination to determine if lights or signals were in use
  • Seatbelt evidence and location of seats
  • Accessory switch locations (on/off, high/low)
  • Tire wear
  • Mechanical failure

Mapping of Roadway Evidence

Gathering of photographs and video preserve roadway evidence before it deteriorates. Evidence would include tire marks, scrapes, gouges, and all roadway conditions. IFIC’s Crash Team will forensically map a scene by making use of a total station and data collector, tools often used by surveyors. These tools collect points in 3-D for use in building an extremely accurate computer model. Once built, the model is invaluable in quickly and accurately assessing the most reasonable scenario of what took place.

Animations (“A Report in Motion”)

When animated, the above referenced static model becomes a convincing, affordable, tool for litigation and courtroom presentations. See video below.